The theater measures approximately 36’ x 37’ and features a non-sprung, resilient floor suitable for dance, and a full ceiling grid at a height of 20’. It is equipped with masking drapery, movable risers, and extremely comfortable Model-K chair seating which can be arranged in a variety of configurations. It is fully equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting as well as audio and video technology, including a 16’x10’ retractable screen and a 10k projector for film screenings. A soundproof tech booth overlooks the space.  

Theater Configurations: 

  • Proscenium: Fits up to 97 seats and is our default configuration with a 26’ x 8’ playing area. 
  • Comedy fits up to 110 patrons with a 8’ x 8’ playing area
  • Music fits up to 120 with 60 seated patrons and 60 standing
  • Alley: Fits 72 patrons with a 9’ x 24’ playing area 
  • Thrust:Fits 86 patrons with a 9’ x 24’ playing area 
  • Arena: Fits 80 patrons with a 9’ x 16’ playing area 
  • Cleared Space: With no chairs or platforms, it can hold up to 200 people

Support Spaces:

These include two dressing rooms, a green room area with a kitchenette, and a multi-use lobby that is visible to passersby from the street. They are all linked to the theater through the AV system.


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