Access and inclusion are core values of Art House Productions. We are committed to address and work toward racial equity as a staff, board, and with the artists we work with and the communities we serve. The arts are predicated on imagination, empathy, and collaboration. It is our vision that Art House is a space where everyone’s full humanity is seen, respected, celebrated, and honored.

We acknowledge that the arts in the United States exist within an unfair system and often replicate systems of power and privilege. Expressions of support are meaningless without action. To that end, we are laying out the following commitments, and hope that our community will respectfully hold us accountable to them as we grow, learn, and create solutions together.

  • We commit to compassionately naming and working through unfair power dynamics in our own organization wherever we find them. We commit to being a resource for learning and accountability to the Jersey City arts community.
  • We commit to centering equity, diversity, and inclusion in our 3-year strategic plan.
  • We commit to prioritizing equitable resources on our website, and to using our social media platforms to actively engage in equitable communications.
  • We commit to continue our work to provide opportunities for artists of color.

Calls to Action
We encourage you and/or your organization to donate to an organization making a difference in combating racism. Art House has made donations to the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, a Newark-based non-profit focused on three pillars: economic justice, criminal justice reform, and democracy and justice. We chose this organization because they have a 20-year history of working for social and racial justice in our state. We hope that these donations are the beginning of a longer relationship with this organization.