We are proud to welcome you to Art House Productions' new Performing and Visual Arts Center at 345 Marin Blvd in downtown Jersey City, NJ.

Our two-story, state-of-the-art new home, designed by nationally recognized theater architects Auerbach Consultants, consists of a theater, a visual arts gallery, dressing rooms, and office space in an adaptable-use facility that will allow us to produce a wide range of programming year-round. It provides for the flexibility needed to meet the expanding needs of artists and audiences, contributing to the vibrancy, growth, and development of Jersey City and the greater region. It will enable Art House to build on our decades-long history as a beacon for the arts and as an economic boon to Jersey City as our patrons spend money locally, creating more jobs and more tax revenue for our city.

In this new space, Art House Productions plans to triple its audience numbers, bringing in approximately 30,000 people annually to experience arts events. In addition, we will make space available for business, nonprofit, and commercial rentals as a new source of revenue to support our programs.

The mission of Art House Productions is to inspire, entertain, and challenge audiences with ambitious performing and visual arts programming; provide arts education to promote lifelong learning to diverse communities; and celebrate the power of the arts to illuminate humanity. Art House provides a home for innovative artists to develop new work, presents emerging and under-recognized artists who are making significant contributions to their respective fields, and serves as a safe space for established artists to take creative risks.

Art House Productions was founded shortly after September 11, 2001 by Christine Goodman, a community leader and professional performing artist, out of the desire to connect a devastated Jersey City community through art and dialogue. Since then, Art House has dedicated its efforts to presenting diverse, inclusive, and accessible programming across many artistic disciplines, playing a pivotal role in shaping Jersey City’s cultural identity and serving as a driver of urban economic development. 

The visual arts gallery is designed to accommodate rotating fine art displays of various media with maximum flexibility and infrastructure that allow for overhead rigging, lighting, video, and sound support. Brilliantly curated by Andrea McKenna, it features local and regional artists. Each exhibition commences with an opening reception, allowing guests to meet with the featured artist and mingle with other local artists and art lovers. The gallery is visible from the street, inviting pedestrians to engage with the art and welcoming them inside.

The 99-seat black box theater is fully equipped with the most energy efficient LED lighting and audio theater technology, including a 16’x10’ retractable screen and 10k projector for film screenings, and soundproof control booth that overlooks the space. The theater will house a multitude of events including plays, comedy shows, film festivals, music performances, dance, and more. Equipped with movable risers and seating, it can be arranged into a proscenium, alley, thrust, or arena configuration.  

The support spaces include administrative and staff offices, dressing rooms, a green room area, and a multi-use lobby which is also visible to passers-by. These are all linked to the performance spaces through the AV system.

For more information or to schedule a tour, contact us at info@arthouseproductions.org