Intersections: Pride + Prejudice + Pandemic

Intersections: Pride + Prejudice + Pandemic

Premiering Wednesday, August 19th at 7pm
Free, Suggested Donation $5. To donate, click here:

Art House Gallery is excited to present a virtual multi-medium arts event for Jersey City Pride 2020!


“INTERSECTIONS: Pride + Prejudice + Pandemic”, curated by Andrea McKenna and Miguel Cardenas premiers Wednesday, August 19th at 7pm on the Jersey City Pride Festival website:

This multi - disciplinary virtual arts event, attempts to inhabit the interstitial space where lines intersect and borders are blurred between these three simultaneous occurrences- hopefully resulting in bringing us all a bit closer.

Spoken word, musical performance and visual art encompass this event by six artists.

Artists include Singer, songwriters, Bern & the Brights will perform one of their original songs, titled “Lola”.  Photographer, Beth Achenbach, visual artist, Diana Schmertz showing her laser cut watercolor paintings depicting part of her series on the Supreme court case: Obergefell Vs. Hodges that legalized same-sex marriage.  Spoken word powerhouse, Dujuana Sharese gives us “We The People” a strong and poignant piece on racial tensions.  Visual artist, Lucy Rovetto exhibits part of her “Coffee Filter” series and Luis Alves, a master of hand cut collage shows us his politically infused works. 


About this show:

During this highly emotionally charged and divisive time in our country and our

communities, many of us find ourselves at the intersection of three simultaneous

occurrences that in fact may serve more as a means of bringing us together

rather than keeping us apart.


PRIDE- The LGBTQ+ community desperately tries to hold onto and celebrate the

acceptance, respect and rights gained from over five decades of fighting a hard

fight in this 50 th anniversary of the first PRIDE march.

PREJUDICE- Reactions to the systemic racism found in our country since its

early inception to the present as represented in the multitude of protests and

demonstrations throughout the country appear to be positively changing the

attitudes of many while simultaneously igniting and exacerbating more political

division and hatred in others.

PANDEMIC- The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic and the physical, mental and

economic stress it has caused along with the feelings of isolation and uncertainty

associated with it continues to be a matter of great concern to both our national

as well as our global community. 

-Miguel Cardenas