Call for Art: "Exhale"

Call for Art: "Exhale"

We all need to breathe. Most of us take it for granted. We breathe automatically, but we don't always breathe with awareness. When consciously breathing, the inhale and the exhale are the ultimate release that can heal anxiety, fear and the unknown. Conscious breathing takes you to a place of calm and tells your brain to relax.
Right now, our world is full of uncertainty. Will we get back to "normal"? Will our economy bounce back? What will happen to our country? The looping thoughts and unanswerable questions go on and on.
We are in a new, unknown phase of our lifetimes without a map to navigate. What we can be sure of is this day and this breath. Take a deep breath, hold it and exhale.
As artists, how do we visualize our relationship with these changing times and how do we express the release of all this tension with our exhale? In what way do we capture these moments of uncertainty?

Deadline: Friday, September 18th at midnight
Notification: Monday, September 21st.
Drop off at the gallery: Saturday 9/26 & Sunday 9/27th 12pm to 3pm

This exhibit will be part of the 30th Annual Jersey City Art & Studio Tour!
This year, JCAST will be entirely VIRTUAL! Work chosen from this call will be hung in the gallery and a live tour of this exhibit will be given by Gallery Director, Andrea McKenna within the time slot given for JCAST Live. For more information on this years Studio Tour, visit
  • Exhibition is open to all mediums.
  • Work on canvas MUST be wired!! Photography MUST be framed. No Exceptions!
  • Submit up to three images that relate to this theme to, please put “JCAST” in the subject line. Please send a brief description of the meaning behind your work.
  • DO send the title, size and price for each piece coordinating with each image.
  • ONE piece per artist will be chosen to be exhibited.
  • DO NOT SEND links to Facebook or Instagram.
  • This is a curated show so please send the best representation of your work relating to this theme! Curated by Andrea McKenna. 
  • Commission is 60% to artist / 40% to the gallery. Please price accordingly!
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