Welcome to the Art House Gallery Online! Art House is proud to champion Jersey City and New Jersey artists during this difficult time through this virtual gallery.

All pieces are for sale, with free delivery to any address in Jersey City. Orders from outside of Jersey City will be asked to split shipping costs with Art House.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please email Andrea McKenna at gallery@arthouseproductions.org

Anna Ryabtsov

Anna is a photographer living in Downtown Jersey City. She travels the world searching for solitary and alien-like landscapes.

three small figures on a grey beach with purple and orange sunset in the background
“Three Ladies, South Carolina” by Anna Ryabtsov. 
Photography. 16” x 24” $400

One figure sitting in the distance on a sandy cliff face, with several rocks in the foreground.
"Bisti Part 1" by Anna Ryabtsov. Photography. 16"x 24" $400

One figure in the distance climbing a sand dune that is in shadow.
"Great Dunes" by Anna Ryabtsov. Photography. 16" x 24" $400

 One figure in the center of surrounding sand dunes that are in shadow.
"Great Sand Dune" by Anna Ryabtsov. Photography. 16" x 24" $400

Two figures back to back in front of mountains. A purple hue to the photo.
 "Salt Flats" by Anna Ryabtsov. Photography. 16" x 24" $400

Bryant Small

Bryant is an artist living in Greenville, Jersey City and paints mesmerizing abstracts using Alcohol ink on the non absorbent Yupo paper.

Abstract image with blue, red, and green splotches.
“Indigo” by Bryant Small. Alcohol ink on Yupo paper. 16” x 20” $500

“Frozen in Glass” by Bryant Small. Alcohol ink on Yupo paper. 16” x 20” $500

Abstract image with purple, yellow, and green vertical streaks.
“Shimmer For Me” by Bryant Small. Alcohol ink on Yupo paper. 16” x 20” $500

Clara Richardson

Clara is a Scientific Illustrator living in downtown Jersey City, creating beautiful, free flowing watercolors of landscapes and abstracts.

Abstract watercolor image with yellow top left corner and green bottom right corner.

Found Scape 1 (green)  by Clara Richardson. Watercolor. 13.5” x 9.75” $400

Abstract watercolor image with yellow, green, and orange washes.

Found Scape 2 (red)  by Clara Richardson. Watercolor. 13.5” x 9.75” $400

Abstract watercolor with root-like multicolored steaks.  

“Wild Underneath” by Clara Richardson. Watercolor. 12” x 12” $400


Deb Sinha

Deb is a self taught, representational artist living in downtown Jersey City.  His oil paintings are an intimate portrait of the city and the people who live here.

Impressionist style imagery of several figures sitting at a bar. Several colorful dots stand out to highlight various parts of the image.

“Bar Lights” by Deb Sinha. Oil on canvas. 10” x 20” $300


Impressionist style image with several colorful dots mimicking a city skyline. Cool tones dominate.  

“City Lights l” by Deb Sinha. Oil on wood. 8” x 8” $150


Impressionist style image with several colorful dots mimicking a cityscape. It appears to be a street with car headlights in the center. Cool tones dominate, with a few warmer tone dots.

“City Lights ll” by Deb Sinha. Oil on wood. 8” x 8” $150  

Eileen Ferara

Eileen is a visual artist living in Jersey City. Her work draws inspiration from the natural world and their relationship to the environment.

Multi-media work of a boat sitting on the edge of the sand, just touching the water. Many brush strokes and drawing marks can be seen.

“Untitled Sea” by Eileen Ferara. Mixed media on paper. 20” x 30” $400


Multi-media work with colorful background and leaf imagery throughout. Frayed fabric attached to surface.

“Empress Pods at Sunset” by Eileen Ferara. Mixed Media on canvas. 14” x 18” $450


Turquoise and navy image with white outlines of floral-like pattern.

“Luminess” by Eileen Ferara. Monotype. 12” x 15” $150


Turquoise and navy image with dark outlines of floral-like pattern.

“Seed Forest” by Eileen Ferara. Monotype. 12” x 15” $150


Justin Francesco

Justin is a Newark based artist using a variety of mediums to create visually striking figurative works. 

Blocky imagery of human figures, with active linework. Red and green figures on a blue background.

“Emoti-Flood” by Justin Francesco. Alcohol marker, and acrylic marker on canvas. 25” x 19”  $400


Blocky human-like figures on a purple background, with a sand-like ground.

“Steppin' Up” by Justin Francesco. Acrylic paint, spray paint, collage and oil paint on canvas. 30” x 40” $500


Black background with busy brightly colored imagery of building-like subjects.

“The Awakening” by Justin Francesco. Acrylic paint and marker on board. 24” x 21” $500


Luis Alves

Luis is a collage artist living in South Orange.  His focus is using juxtaposed images commenting on the media and its role regarding commercialism and politics. 

Collage with a "man in the moon" central figure and a female lounging in a chair. A palm tree in the top right corner and corner of a keyboard in the bottom right corner.

 Dreamer” by Luis Alves. Framed Handmade Collage. 18” x 20” $450


Collage featuring bananas in the bottom left corner as well as red lips, flowers, and a central high-fashion female figure.

 “Havana Cafe” by Luis Alves. Framed Handmade Collage. 18” x 20” $450


Miguel Cardenas

Miguel is a Jersey City native living in Downtown Jersey City.  His digital collages revolve around pop culture and iconic imagery to express socially and politically driven messages.

Collage of many painted, nude human figures. Text in the center reads "The sacred is a fine hiding place fore the profane."

“The Sacred & Profane” by Miguel Cardenas. Digital Collage printed on metal. 24” x 24” $250


Layered imagery of human figures and newspapers. Central text reads "And I'm floating in the most peculiar way...Space Oddity, David Bowie."

“Floating” by Miguel Cardenas. Digital Collage printed on metal. 12” x 36” $250


Several iconic images of films, artists, and public figures collaged. Central text reads "Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?"

"Change + Repeat" by Miguel Cardenas. Digital Collage printed on metal. 12” x 36” $250


Teri Fiore

Teri Fiore lives in Journal Square, Jersey City and uses natural elements as inspiration for her abstract works created with oils, acrylics and metal leaf. 

Abstract image with mostly green brush strokes and one gold streak in the center.

“A River Runs Through It” by Teri Fiore. Oil, Gold Leaf & resin. 20” x 28” $400


Black and white abstract image with long white streaks at the top, small white blotches in the center, and an almost solid black bottom.

“Cirruis” by Teri Fiore. Oil, Silver & resin. 20” x 20” $300


Abstract image with pale yellow top with skinny deep green splotches, a deep green bottom half with a red horizontal line across the bottom third.

“Transparent Heart” by Teri Fiore. Oil, Gold Leaf & resin. 36” x 36” $495


Patricia Croft

Patricia Croft’s oil paintings comment on nostalgia through complex interplays of image, pattern, and color.  She resides in West Orange, NJ.

light olive green ombre background with several small color swatches dangling across image as if on a clothesline

“Seville” by Patricia Croft oil on wood 10"x10" $400


viewpoint looking through an abstract curly fence onto a green scape with a pale purple and blue sky

“Osuna” by Patricia Croft oil on wood 16"x20" $650


Abstract shapes of black, striped, and white regions all framed by blue and yellow lines
“Madrid Airport” by Patricia Croft oil on wood 16"x16" $500


two young boys, one wearing a red bubble suit and the other wearing a blue bubble suit, jump in the air under a bright blue sky with a few clouds
“Fly High” by Patricia Croft oil on canvas 22"x28" $800


an abstract church with red and yellow striped arches is situated in pieces along a cloudy sky background, with a Mother Mary figure in left bottom corner
“Cordoba” by Patricia Croft oil on wood 10"x10" $350


white canvas square painted with lemon on green background in top right corner and cartoon figure swimming in pot of lemons reads "Citron" on top right and "Panaderia" in curly font across bottom
“Citron Panaderia” by Patricia Croft mixed media 4"x4" $60


collaged square canvas with man playing a guitar in top left corner, several blue guitars lining the center of canvas, and text that reads "Casa de la Guitarra, Flamenco Tradicional" across bottom
“Casa de la Guitarra” by Patricia Croft mixed media 4"x4" $60



Impressionist style image with dots controlling the space. Appears to be a dark street view, with cool tones dominating..

“City Lights lll” by Deb Sinha. Oil on wood. 8” x 8” $150



Impressionist style image of the Stanley Theater in Journal Square. A rainy day, with people holding umbrellas outside.

"Stanley” by Deb Sinha. Oil on canvas. 18” x 36” $500


four human animal hybrid figures riding a bicycle like object, yellow and blue washes in the background

“Halt” by Cheryl Gross. Mixed media on paper. 7” x 9.5” $125