Artist Profile: Donchellee Fulwood

Artist Profile: Donchellee Fulwood

Meet Donchellee Fulwood, a Visual Artist resident of Jersey City, NJ. She creates artwork by using acrylic paints on both canvas and basswood surfaces, as well as using ink and markers on paper to create compositions. By using both mediums, she came up with a unique trademark of pattern designs within a full shape and in compositions, both in black-and-white and in-color.

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What are your earliest memories of the arts?
My earliest memory of the arts was when back in grammar school, I would have to draw self-portraits. Even during research projects for some subjects, I had to draw illustrations or make diagrams as to what I wrote. Taking art classes both in grade school and in college really helped me build up my artistic skills.
When I was growing up, I experienced art from few of my family members and friends. I would get excited about going on field trips to museums, especially the Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Why are the arts important to you?
Art is so important to me because it is a way for me to speak in a "visual language." It is a way for me to describe what I see and feel as in emotions, and to also display time, as in past, present, and future. Art is a way for me to visually respond to any question that is asked, in terms of opinions.

What is inspiring you right now? 
The types of music that's inspiring me right now are Inspirational & Spiritual. It helps me to stay calm, it's relaxing, and it's so encouraging, knowing that there is hope, and to believe in everything that I am willing to do. My favorite artist who I am following and still inspired by is Vincent Van Gogh because of his unique trademark of the use of his brush strokes. As a Christian, I look to God for inspiration, as well as meditation. I also look into nature and outdoors as pieces of inspiration. My favorite time of experiencing nature is when I stand by the water or river, listening to the waves.

donchellee fulwood mingle hands paintingWhy is painting your chosen medium?
The reason why painting and mixed media are my chosen mediums is because not only I like how the elements are seen on the surface, but also helps me in building my confidence and dealing with patience and relaxation. What makes painting and mixed media process so unique is that I found out there are many ways of coming up with pictured, in terms of color, shapes, and compositions.

How has your style/aesthetic changed over the years?
It is so amazing how my style of art has changed over the years. I first started displaying small pattern design images in only black-and-white ink. As time went by, I worked on how to use the same type of style, and seeing how it would look in color. Then I tried to use different shades of color for patterns and different surfaces like canvases and basswood. I went on to get out of my comfort zone, and to some projects, work on larger scale. From then up to this day, I experienced how one type of design as an unique trademark can be seen on multiple surfaces, and in different mediums.

What's your creative process like? 
During the course of my work, which does take a lot of time and patience, I would create very lightly lines. In both mediums of acrylic paint and mixed media, I would fill the whole shape of an object like a show or a branch with small patterns in order to define that shape and suggest deeper relationships with nature and life. By the use of contrasting patterns, I would always try to illustrate both sides of emotion in human relationships, based on reality and everyday life.

Is there a dream project you'd like to work on?
I would like to work on making a unique trademark visual book, both hardcopy and digital copy. I would also like to work on digital art by using the same pattern trademark.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?donchellee fulwood stands in front of one of her paintings
I am so grateful for the arts community of Jersey City. I want to thank everyone for allowing me to display my talent and artwork. During these years, I have grown and gain my confidence. I am so glad that Jersey City, and few other cities, allow me to be an artist that I was, I am, and will become.

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Noreen Collins

Noreen Collins

Love your work! Do you have an online gallery to sell your work? It’s gorgeous!

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