The Art House Gallery presents “Timeless” | September 30 2022

  • The Art House Gallery presents “Timeless” | September 30 2022
  • The Art House Gallery presents “Timeless” | September 30 2022

The Art House Gallery presents “Timeless” | September 30 2022

Included in the 32nd Annual Jersey City Artist and Studio Tour
Art House Performing and Visual Arts Center - Bay St & Marin Blvd, Jersey City NJ
September 30th through October 2nd

Advanced registration is required: Click HERE to register

“Timeless” visitation capacity and days/hours:

Friday, September 30, 2022 (Opening Reception) 7pm-9pm (30 people)
Saturday, Oct 1, 2022 12-3pm (50 people) & 3pm-6pm (50 people)
Sunday, Oct 2, 2022 12-3pm (50 people) & 3pm-6pm (50 people)

For the 2022 JCAST, the Art House Gallery will open its doors inside Art House Productions’ new permanent performing and visual arts center on the corner of Bay Street and Marin Boulevard in downtown Jersey City. This inaugural exhibit, entitled “Timeless,” showcases work from Jersey City-based artists who have grown with the gallery over several years. It reflects bold, confident, and hard-won self-identity in the artists’ work that endures and speaks directly to Jersey City culture and politics both now and in the past. In essence, the exhibit is a testament to the artists who have helped shape the Art House Gallery through their creativity, character, and practice.

Participating artists include: Beth Achenbach, Ray Arcadio, Gail-Marie Boykewich, Miguel Cardenas, Bojana Coklyat, Beth DiCara, Teri Fiore, Cheryl Gross, Megan Klim, Robert Koch, Patrick McCoy, Winifred McNeill, Vincent Minervini, Amy Neufeld, Lucy Rovetto, Theda Sandiford, Deb Sinha, and Bryant Small.

Construction of the arts center is not yet complete and only the lobby and gallery will be open. Admission to “Timeless” is by reservation only.

The official listing for the event is on the JCAST website at: All JCAST events are free to attend. The show will also be available online at the Art House Productions website at: For online art sales, Art House offers free delivery to any address in Jersey City and Hoboken.