Mural of David Bowie on the Cast Iron Lofts Building with Art House Logo in the bottom corner and "Let's Dance" in fun neon font in the center.
Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, Art House is moving out from under the watchful eye of David Bowie in the Cast Iron Lofts at the end of January. While the current safety guidelines prohibit us from throwing the massive farewell party we all deserve, we want to honor our community in this space one last time. You can wish us well by purchasing a spot in our Let’s Dance Mural! For a $5 donation, we’ll put your photo (or one of a loved one) in our front window to greet passersby and show your love for Art House as we embark on our Space Oddity

We don’t know if there’s Life on Mars, but there will be life, art, dance, music, theater, everything we’ve built together over the last 19 Golden Years and more, at our new space, 184 Morgan Street, as soon as it's ready! So Let’s Dance!

After you make the donation, we'll contact you to get the photo(s)! Limit one person pictured in each photo (no group photos). No limit to spots that can be purchased by a single donor, so buy one for you and a loved one! Donations must be received by January 24 at 10am EST. 

Please contact Courtney Little at with any questions. 
"Your Name Here" with an arrow pointing to the front window at Art House