Art House Productions Seeks Proposals from Jersey City-based Mural Artists

Art House Productions is seeking proposals for two murals inside the ground floor lobby our new performing and visual arts center at The Hendrix at 345 Marin Blvd in Jersey City.  The murals are highly visible to passersby on Marin Blvd.

We're seeking original, colorful designs that complement the location’s aesthetic. Art House has an overall sleek, contemporary design with black as the accent color. Red and black are our signature colors, but we're looking to incorporate additional bright hues.

  • Deadline to submit:  June 30, 2023. 
  • Payment: $2,000 + material cost 
  • Notification date: July 1,  2023.
  • Submit proposals to:

Proposal Guidelines 

Please include the following items in your submission:

  • Artist Statement
  • CV
  • Pictures of past work and/or digital portfolio or website
  • 3 Concepts

Nook #1:

Ticket booth, outside wall with adjoining walls.

Measurements: Four small walls. Walls are all 10’ high. The width of the sections are: Front of Box office (with window cut out) -  84”, entrance to box office (with door cut out) - 89”, wall with water fountain - 58, and entrance to upstairs(with door cut out) -  90”.  

Deadline for completion: August 31, 2023



Nook #2:

Walls surrounding the bathrooms 

Measurements: Two small walls. Walls are 10’ high. The width of the sections are: 68”(with door cut out) and 70” (with door cut out).

Deadline for completion August 31, 2023