See what you want to see with portraits at ‘Through the Looking Glass’

See what you want to see with portraits at ‘Through the Looking Glass’

Art has always been a subjective medium. What one person sees when observing a work is not always what another may see.

Sometimes we may look at a portrait and wonder what the subject was feeling in that moment. Again, these are subjective works.

The newest group exhibit curated by Art House Gallery Director Andrea McKenna, “Through the Looking Glass,” will have its opening reception on Saturday, April 6, from 6 to 8 p.m. It will feature such portraits.

“The portrait has long served as a means to capture and immortalize the essence of the painter’s subject,” said McKenna. “It is the painter who shapes the ultimate narrative of the subject, while the true thoughts and feelings of the sitter remain veiled in mystery. Was Mona Lisa merely pondering a recent meal or was she lost in profound contemplation? As we invite viewers to gaze upon ‘Through the Looking Glass,’ we encourage contemplation of the subject within the portrait. What interpretation do you offer of their state of being? Does it align with the artist’s intention? Delve into an interactive portrait exhibition to uncover the answers.”

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