October's Poetry and Paintings Open Mic Takes Place October 7th

October's Poetry and Paintings Open Mic Takes Place October 7th

(JERSEY CITY, NJ) -- Poetry and Paintings NJ and Co-Collaborator Crystal Letters has announced its lineup for October's Poetry and Paintings Open Mic at Greenspace Studios on October 7th. Poetry and Paintings is an open mic and art showcase, featuring musicians, poets, and artists from the tri-state area. This October’s Poetry and Paintings Open Mic event will feature Jersey City Poet Laureate, Rescue Poetix, musician CSW aka @heroic_poet, artists by Aryeh Kadosh and Buttered Roll and more.  The event takes place from 5:00pm to 9:00pm at Greenspace Studio Green Space Studios 195 New York Ave Ste 3E Jersey City. Event curation by SammyB (itsbymmas) and videography by Dolo_xi.  

Tickets are $10 (early bird), $15 (regular), and $20 (day-of-event), seating is limited to 40 audience members. RSVP in advance here.

“This event is simply a way to continue to encourage artists, foster their growth, and connect with the community. We pay all of our artists, making the event cost significantly more than we make, but I believe that art is worth the investment. I can't expect an artist to take me seriously if I don't take them seriously, and I want to make paying artists more of an expected thing. Because I am lucky enough to get this grant from Art House Cares and have a sponsorship with Rec philly, I am in a position to be able to put this event together and join my various art communities as well as give my artists an opportunity. I can only pay that blessing forward.” said Event Curator Samantha Benvissuto (SammyB).

This program is supported by Art House Cares, a grant program by Art House Productions in Jersey City.

Click here to read the entire piece at NewJerseyStage.com.