Meet Kathleen Jones, Writer & Performer of Everybody in This Play is Dying!

Meet Kathleen Jones, Writer & Performer of Everybody in This Play is Dying!

kathleen jones in polka dotted dress

What inspired Everybody in This Play is Dying!?
The show is inspired by my experiences trying to be a professional actress, a career which is not particularly accommodating to actors with physical challenges (I have cystic fibrosis).  I was inspired by the question, "what would a show that was accessible to sick performers look like?" And I wrote from that question, which led to a more personal story about my journey.

Is there anything you want audiences to know before they see the show?

Get your flu shot! That's a joke, but also, I'm immunocompromised and we're stuck in a theatre for eighty minutes together :) Plus there's a bit where I call people out who don't have their flu shots yet, and that doesn't have to be you!

Where are your go-to spots in Jersey?

I went to Drew University in Madison, NJ, and spent a good many study hours at a coffee shop in town called Drip Coffee. Our favorite diner run was Broadway Diner in Summit.

What was the first production you were in? How did you get involved with theater?

I was in King and I when I was five, as the little kid. Then I was in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat as a narrator, and when I had to sing I froze up and ran offstage. But I kept doing plays (though fortunately for all, I stopped singing), and I've acted in a play a year since then.

Why are the arts important to you?

I just love it. I love being entertained, I love that for a few brief hours I get to live in and experience a new story. It's a real privilege to make art.

Everybody in This Play is Dying! is at Art House Productions on November 21 & 22 at 8:00pm.