Ecco Domus @ Art House

ECCO Domus

Ecco Domus — a selection of works from nine local, national, and international artists, which engage strategies of replication, repetition, and homage as found within the framework of architectural inspiration. Art House Gallery presents Ecco Domus in collaboration with The Dorado Project, curated by Enrico … Read More




MAKEUP SESSION FOR A PREVIOUS DATE The Art House INKubator is an artistic collective of writers, directors and actors whose complementary … Read More

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Jersey City Broadway Costume Exhibit Glitters

By Maddie Orton Arts Correspondent ... There’s a shiny gem of an exhibit at Art House in Jersey City that cuts through the winter fog with a twinkle. All That Glitters allows visitors to zoom in on the bead-work … Read More »

Art House :: In Full Color

“In Full Color”

BY CHICPEAJC.COM Summer is a fixture in the Jersey City culture scene, she is a culture writer for the Jersey Journal, and is always out there covering the scene all over JC. I met her when I started this … Read More »