NEA BIG READ: Jersey City Story Slam

  • NEA BIG READ: Jersey City Story Slam
  • NEA BIG READ: Jersey City Story Slam

NEA BIG READ: Jersey City Story Slam

MARCH 9th, 2019 @7pm 

NEA Big Read: Jersey City is a citywide celebration of reading, centered around the book Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel, a best-seller that is part dystopian novel, part love letter to the times we find ourselves in.   As part of the Big Read, in March 2019, Jersey City will be holding a citywide series of Story Slams, similar to the popular event, the Moth.

Five evening-length events will be held at popular venues throughout Jersey City, and that includes Art House! The Story Slams will showcase the real-life stories of a cross-section of Jersey City residents. Writers and poets are encouraged to submit... but so are teachers, students, employees, business owners, medical workers, house cleaners, bankers, car dealers, lawyers, babysitters --- in short, everyone who has a good story to tell and can tell it well!   You know who you are! You're the one who tells a great story at a party, has a friend in stitches over drinks, livens up your co-workers' day, captivates your family at the dinner table...

 Stories should be told in 5 – 15 minutes, and should be related in some way to one the following themes:

  • Survival, and what it means
  • A stranger that ended up playing a role in your life
  • Communication when technology fails
  • The spread of fear
  • The night that changed everything
  • The arts endure

Come to Art House on March 9th, if you'd like to tell a story, just sign up at your arrival! But you are more than welcome to come sit and listen. Refreshments will be served!