The Manhattan Building Company

The Manhattan Building Company

At Manhattan Building Company, we are builders and developers of our own portfolio of premium apartments, condominiums and commercial spaces specifically in Hoboken and Jersey City, New Jersey. We believe that projects begin with the right acquisition price. This primary step requires knowledge of all project costs from acquisition through occupancy. Proper planning in pre-construction requires effective communication, intense project coordination and the close cooperation of the development team.

At the beginning of every project, our construction professionals join our architects, engineers, marketing staff and individual designers to form a project team. This team functions to exchange ideas, brainstorm through obstacles and execute design strategies. The use of a team structure allows constant revision of planning and reevaluation through final product completion.

From the earliest site analysis to the choice of building systems, materials and pricing, we innovate and create options responsive to our market and construction cost analysis. Our management approach includes control of all contracts and personnel. To the best of our ability we anticipate problems and manage the solutions from start to finish with our project team approach. We encourage an “open book” of active participation by all individuals and organizations involved in the process.

Our management style is aggressive and hands on, requiring total commitment to success and, as a result, our product has continually transcended the expectations of the traditional Hoboken resident by surpassing the level of quality that has come to be expected in our city.


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