Jersey City Broadway Costume Exhibit Glitters

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By Maddie Orton Arts Correspondent ... There’s a shiny gem of an exhibit at Art House in Jersey City that cuts through the winter fog with a twinkle. All That Glitters allows visitors to zoom in on the bead-work that makes costumes masterpieces. “I think there’s an old saying: ‘Scenery sells seats,'” says Polly Isham Kinney. “And I think people take binoculars. I know I … [Read more...]

“In Full Color”

Art House :: In Full Color

BY CHICPEAJC.COM Summer is a fixture in the Jersey City culture scene, she is a culture writer for the Jersey Journal, and is always out there covering the scene all over JC. I met her when I started this blogging journey and we instantly connected. We are both small and cute so it’s only natural we would get along!! #lovethyself READ MORE » … [Read more...]

Jersey City: A Flower Blossoming as a New Colossus


On a warm Saturday in Jersey City last month, the siren call of the sofa and cable television was probably a bit muted for many residents. Filipino and Diwali festivals coexisted a mile apart on Newark Avenue and Exchange Place. In front of City Hall, the local L.G.B.T. organization, Hudson Pride, gathered for its annual festival. At the Culinary Arts Institute of Hudson … [Read more...]

There’s No Peeking in Blindfolded Theater Experience

BY MADDIE ORTON Arts Correspondent Four corners of what looks like a boxing ring are filled to capacity with theatergoers. They sit with near-perfect posture in what seems like an effort to smell and hear to the best of their abilities. At Jersey City’s Art House, a group called No Peeking Theater performs a new play, The Shapeshifter. It’s a blindfolded adventure for … [Read more...]